Vacationing in India this Monsoon? Here are the top Travel Tips

Monsoon has arrived in India. People have already started backpacking in the hope of witnessing the natural wonders and enjoy a greener, cleaner and quieter India. The Indian sub-continent land brings a plethora of activities and attractions from the snowcapped Himalayas in the north to the sexy beaches and natural beauties in the south.

So Beautiful!

While some deny visiting India during monsoon, I strongly recommend you to taste the original charm of India i.e. donning superbly in green hues. I have furnished the top travel tips that you might find quite fascinating.

Raincoat and Umbrella Are a Must: I suggest vacationers to wear a raincoat or have an umbrella whether you are enjoying tranquility through a backwater ride in Kerala or visiting the Mughal monument Taj Mahal in Agra. Synthetic clothes prove to be very essential as they dry out fast. Buy rain-proof boots if you don’t have.

Medical Kit in Your Bag: Diseases are widely seen during this season. Consult your physician and ask for a medical kit prior to your India trip. In case, you feel sick contact the local doctors immediately.

Avoid Street Food & Tap Water: Though street foods are extensively popular, better you avoid having them this time. They are not hygienic and you might end up falling ill; hence, wasting a great tour. Carry mineral water while touring to places where drinking water is an issue. I prefer a cup of tea or coffee than settling down to cold drinks.

Have some Tea

Drive Slowly: Don’t just hire a car and take long road trips. Indian roads are not so great except metro cities. The zigzag and narrow roads won’t give you good driving experiences. Be careful of landslides if you are driving in the hilly areas. Drive slowly or better ask a chauffeur.

Drive Carefully!

Plastic Bag for Mobiles & Tablets: Make sure you have plastic bag for mobiles and tablets to protect them from getting damaged by rain – unless you are using a waterproof gadget.

Mosquito Repellent: Mosquito can be your companion if you don’t wear full-clothed dress or carry a mosquito repellent.

Have a Hair Dryer: I believe that a hair dryer can help you stay away from cold. It is definitely an added benefit in monsoon.

Spot the Drop
Alluring, isn’t it?

An India trip is so beautiful and enjoyable when you keep these travel tips in mind. Explore the vibrant lush greens, cool breezy weather, foggy clouds, spiritual aroma and get soaked in the rain on the terrace – you have ample things to do this monsoon. 🙂

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