Top Travel Ideas for Berlin

There is not a single reason why Germany is a popular tourist destination for millions. Apart from being the largest city and capital of Germany, Berlin is a fascinating destination with lively nightlife and great historic associations. Scattered throughout the city are impressive historic sites, museums, stunning architecture and a host of dining and shopping spots. All these ingredients make the city one of the top places to visit irrespective of the time of the year.


Mitte, often referred as the heart of East Berlin, is replete with eye-catching historic monuments, restaurants, cafes and bars. The nightlife is simply electrifying. You get to see a number of places in and around the area. Heading to the western part of the city, you will see Tiergarten, Schöneberg, Charlottenburg and Wilmersdorf. Avid shoppers are advised to head to the west till Ku’Damm, a renowned shopping street full of luxury items. It is also famous for great dining if you believe in eating at luxurious and refined restaurants. The other popular attractions in this part of the city are Schloss Charlottenburg and Tiegarten.

One of the noisiest areas in the city is the east central part. The area boasts a huge number of shops, cafes and bars. Apart from that you will also come across magnificent museums on the outskirt. Artists and students mainly occupy this portion of the city. Lie to the north are Reinickendorf and Spandau. Wedding, Pankow and Weissensee are to name a few more popular destinations in Berlin.

Stasi prison, a major tourist draw in Berlin, is located on the eastern part of the city. It has several years of history to tell to the onlookers. There is a museum closely located with a plenty of history. For an easy and laid back evening, better concentrate on other things including the park of Erholungspark Marzahn. Visiting destinations such as Zehlendorf, Neukölln, Treptow, Tempelhof, Köpenick and Steglitz will create many inerasable memories.

Berlin is also home to some of the most striking churches in the world. They display the best of architecture. Berliner Dom is a 19th century church expresses imperial power. Kaiser Wilhelm (1891 – 1895) and Marienkirche (90 m.) are the other major churches to visit during the stay. If you are an admirer of modern art and artefacts, you will easily find an art gallery. Find the masterpiece of your favourite artists. Torstraße, Auguststraße and Linienstraße are the most famous street galleries found on the way. These art galleries are located in a peaceful ambiance.

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