A 6-month Break from the Blogging World – Did I Enjoy or Regret?

I find solace in writing. To me a day spent without writing something that my heart says is a day wasted. Whether I’m scribbling down my on-the-road-experience or carrying out a major freelance project, keeping me inundated with such activities gives tremendous pleasure. But if I’m asked what gives comfort to my heart, the instant and obvious answer that would come out spontaneously is blogging.

It’s been six months that I published my last post. I’ve been receiving emails from people, my avid readers that why I’m not penning. People on Facebook are curious to know when I would resume my work. I thought instead of answering each and one of them, better a write post and break the gap.

What I Did If I Was Not Traveling & Authoring?

Well guys before you construe some tragedy happened to me, let me just clarify that this six-month period was full of fun. It was total ecstatic, complete blissful. I was on seventh heaven. Reason? I spent the most precious moments of my life with my bundle of joy, my daughter. (Also Read: Saanvi Sravya – Miracle Happened). I almost forgot my other responsibilities and got fully immersed in the contentment of fatherhood. Six months have passed with the blink of an eye. Time passed like the winter wind.

Moments Snapped!
Moments Snapped for Life!

Peek-a-boo, I See You:

Also, I learnt how to entertain kids. When I was around, why my little angel would need toys? Making funny face by sticking out tongue, playing peek-a-boo (I term it hide & seek) by covering face with hands or blankets certainly did the job. I must say that she’s a quick learner. Whatever activities that I got involved in to entertain her, she imitated effortlessly. From wiggling her limbs to placing an eye catchy object to grab her attention, I tried my hands at everything.

Became Medical Expert:

Yes, I became an expert partially. But I won’t take the credit because the wife literally took great care of our daughter. The toughest moments are those when she is given vaccinations. The after vaccination is the most painful because she has to bear the pain, sometimes the pain turns into severe fever. As a parent you can’t just see your baby cry and suffer through all this. Yes, I’ve seen it, excruciating!

Indulged in Massive Freelance:

Work? At this moment? No, I don’t like it at all. But I realized that if I have to keep everything in right place, well-balanced, I need to switch on my laptop, get high speed internet connection, and take up freelance projects; in fact, I had the luxury of doing a NITRO BOOSTER. Working as a freelancer for a while has been fun. The moment I’m overburdened, there was this little creature to keep me entertained. Oh, did I just say that? Yes, this is true. She’s the biggest stress buster till the time I get on the road.

Yes, I’ve missed the fun of not being on the go. The narrow alleyways of Old Delhi, the vibrant nightlife of the capital, the tranquility of Alleppy, houseboat cruises along rustic backwaters, the cascading waterfalls of Uttarkhand, the sweet dishes of Odisha and the sumptuous Muradabadi biryani didn’t leave me at all.

Now that I’m back, your wait to be entertained with interesting stories is over. 🙂