Main Attractions in Campania

Are you sick of boring office life? You need a break. Why don’t you consider a beach holiday in Italy? Italy is a well-known holiday destination with a plenty of attractions and beaches to explore. Campania is a beautiful region situated on the Italian Peninsula in southern Italy. It is one of the largest regions in the country with the population approximately 5.8 m (the 2nd most populous region in the country). Before you explore the area, here is a chance to get to know the top class attractions in Campania. This blog mainly focuses on the main attractions close to your stay.

• Mount Vesuvius: If you want an active holiday, Mount Vesuvius should be the place to visit. This is one of the most recognized and most renowned volcanoes in the world. It is a star attraction in the area and has several slopes that are noticeable by lava flows. The volcano still poses threat. Its enormous lava almost destroyed the Roman cities – Herculaneum and Pompeii – which are now fascinating ruins to visit. It will also see the Vesuvius National Park and the Vesuvius Observatory. Enjoy the area by making day tours to the park or to the trails.

Mount Vesuvius

• The Spanish Quarter: Feeling quite dull? Crumbling, colourful, bustling, gritty, crowded and energetic are some of the attributes of the Spanish Quarter. The streets are full of shops and dining spots and are mostly densely populated. Life takes a different turn here; a turn that leads to entertainment and recreation. The Spanish Quarter is one of the eye-catching attractions and a worth-seeing place to visit in Naples.

Spanish Quarter

• San Carlo Theatre: Give boost to your mood and enjoy watching opera at San Carlo Theatre. It is in Naples and is known as a major cultural venue. Though constructed for King Charles III in 1737, it still charms the audience with its sumptuous design and décor. The theatre boasts 3,300 seats. At that time, it was the biggest theatre in the world. The surrounding is full of active with symphony and ballet.

San Carlo Theatre

• Lake of Fusaro: This is an uncontaminated heaven where you will see the magnificent landscape of the Lake. Lake of Fusaro is simply paradise for art and nature lovers. It has wonderful Vanvitellian complex. You are not confined to the lake, rather visit the nearby area or simply play with the crystal clear waters. Its surrounding areas have been the source of inspiration for artists, musicians and poets. Mozart, a world class musician, composed “La Clemenza Di Tito”, a famous opera here.

Lake of Fusaro
Paradise for Art & Nature Lovers

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