Hard to Miss These Beauties of Naples

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Often overlooked by travellers, Naples in Italy has preserved the best of attractions to be explored by individuals, families, couples and nature lovers. Naples is the capital of the region of Campania and is regarded as the 3rd biggest municipality after the capital Rome and Milan. The city has very rich history and natural beauty. Check out the following attractions and other important things that are hard to miss during a Naples holiday.

Stunning Churches & Museums: If you are into history, Naples will bring you the most popular museums and churches. Apart from that the city is a museum in itself. Many historical sites, museums and churches are seen all through the city, captivating travellers with special interests in history. The cathedral of Duomo is famous for its amazing look. It is also known as the patron saint of Naples. Another renowned church in the city is the Cappella di Santa Restituta, also popular as one of the oldest existing churches in the country. You get to see baroque style church when you visit San Giuseppe dei Ruffi.

Cappella di Santa Restituta

The Cappella di Santa Restituta

Panoramic Vista: Are you a budding photographer? You can have the most mesmerizing picturesque vistas to improve your photography skills. The land offers panoramic vista that are just hard to beat. The Bay of Naples is one of such place where you will be able to capture the real nature. The surrounding area is so quiet and peaceful.Movie All Is Lost (2013)

The Bay of Naples

The Bay of Naples

Eat: You are in the land of pizzas. You might have had pizza so many times in the past, but if you want its original tastes, then this is the spot. Absolutely correct! Naples is the birthplace of pizza, dating back to the sixteenth century. Varying sauces, varying toppings and varying ingredients make the pizza so tasty and delicious.


When in Naples, you cannot refrain yourself from having the yummy pizza.

Here are some day-trips that you would like to take from Naples.

The Amalfi Coast: The Amalfi Coast is a known and picturesque coastline in Italy. Popular for its splendid beauty and typical Mediterranean place, many prefer to make short day trips so that they can escape the bustling crowd of the city life.

Capri: Those who want to escape the mainland, the island of Capri should be the place. Day trips to Capri will bequeath you with a myriad of water sports and other funny beach activities. Furthermore, it is a retreat for celebrities. The Blue Grotto is a star attraction here.

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