Four Leading Historic Sites to Visit during a Famagusta Holiday

Though renowned as a major destination for nature lovers, Famagusta charms history buffs up to a great extent. The historic sites not only allow them explore the region in deep, but also let the visitors know history better than ever. Here are the top four historical places that you might include while heading to this beautiful city.

1. St. Barnabas Monastery: One of the striking attractions in the city of Famagusta is St. Barnabas Monastery. The monastery is located right opposite of the Famagusta-Salamis route; quite closer to Royal Tombs. The monastery was built in the 5th century to commemorate the saint, Christ Baranabas. It is really astounding to witness the medieval art and stunning architecture.

St. Barnabas Monastery

2. Royal Palace: The Royal Palace was built in the 13th century by the Lusignans, thus known as Palace of the Lusignans. The palace was destroyed by an earthquake, which leads it to lose its original structure. It is pretty close to Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, earlier known as the St. Nicholas Cathedral. Though there is nothing significant left to see in this site, tourists construe the massiveness of the palace by looking at the remains. To get the best exposure of the site, stay in nearby Cyprus Villas.

Palace of the Lusignans
Palace of the Lusignans

3. Othello Tower: After spending an afternoon at the Royal Palace, you can move to the next site. It is the Othello Tower. Also known as Citadel Tower, the fortress protects the city from outside force. Have a glance at this majestic fortress to adore its stunning structure. It will be a learning experience for both kids as well as adults to unfold various things. The structure of the tower is so compelling that you can’t stop yourself from adoring the majestic beauty. Have an aerial view which will give you some idea about the shell. Tourists will find old cannons in the courtyard of the castle.

Othello Tower

4. St. George Church: Since you are in the walled city, it is obvious to come across a number of sites including a famous church, St. George Church. The church entertains everyone who has interests in visiting this religious site. It is believed that the church was built in regard to the opposition of St. Nicholas Church. It is nestled very close to the former one. Once known to be a spectacular place to visit, only remains are left behind now. You can imagine the astounding beauty of the church by looking at the ruins. You still can find eye-catching paintings on the walls.

St. George Church

Spend as much time as you want at these places and extract more and more information before you return to your country. If visiting top historical spots is not your cup of tea, you can have the best time at the pristine sandy beaches and at the finest dining and shopping spots. Famagusta Villas are the most sought after accommodation choices in the area if you are looking for comfort and luxury at the affordable rates.


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