Worth-watching Exhibitions and Festivals in Malta

Malta has always fascinated me with its rich natural beauty, historical places, amazing beaches and a wide range of delicious gastronomy. But, there is another aspect that the island has charmed me – it’s the intriguing exhibitions and shows. Though it has not the largest fairs and shows in the world, the island is able to attract huge number of travellers from all around the world. Below, I have furnished a few interesting exhibitions that occur every year on the island of Malta.

Air Malta International Travel Exhibition (AMITEX): This popular exhibition is held in Naxxar on the Trade Fair grounds that attracts around 25,000 visitors from different corners of the world. The fair showcases displays related to the travel industry from both local and international companies. Tourists get to learn many things including the best travel products that are on display in the area. If you are, any chance, working in the travel field, this fair is definitely an amazing platform to get connected with different countries.

Air Malta International Travel Exhibition

Lejlet Lapsi – Notte Gozitana: If you happen to be in the city of Gozo, you must witness the annual event of Lejlet Lapsi Notte Gozitana. The event celebrates the culture and energy of youth in Malta. Firework displays, street processions and festivals – this is a great way to get around and know more about Gozo. Moreover, the city mesmerises vacationers with rich and colourful history.

Lejlet Lapsi - Notte Gozitana

Malta Car Show: You can’t deny liking a car show if you are a real car lover. Malta should be the place when it comes to watch a good car show. Perhaps, this is the reason or an excuse to visit the country. Watch the car show here and compare the ones that you have seen at other places. Malta Car Show is definitely better than others.

Annual Sports Exhibition: This particular sports exhibition at the Gozo Sports Complex is the reason why thousands of kids and school teachers make their way to Gozo, Malta. The annual sports event allure visitors and make them participate in various mainstream, gymnastics, karate and sports. Children will learn sportsmanship and disciplines. They will further know the importance of exercise, thus improving skills in various fields.

Annual Sports Exhibition Malta

Valletta Photography Festival: The main motive of this popular festival is to spread and improve awareness Malta’s contemporary photography. The festival showcases incredible works of photography that create curiosity among international visitors to appreciate the high quality of the works.

Valletta Photography Festival