How to Celebrate Diwali in Delhi If You Are a Visitor? 2

 The streets are getting overcrowded, the alleyways are already bustling and highways are crammed with vehicles. When such scenario turns up in India, one can be sure of some massive event or festival at the doorstep. Yes, it is. This time it is Diwali, the Festival of Lights. Conjure up […]

Why I Don’t Want to Celebrate this Year Diwali?

   This is that week of the year when people forget all worries, dreariness and monotony of life and venture out on a journey full of fun, jolly and gaiety. Life seems to be so easy-going and relaxing when meeting with friends, relatives and families. City centers, alleyways, narrow lanes […]

Charismatic Delhi – The India Gate 3

 Kids playing around, friends chilling out, families picnicking, couples rekindling love and patriots becoming more patriotic – when all these are found at one spot, you must be conjuring up images of the India Gate. I see them all as I approach this historic site. Though chaotic in nature as […]

Sunday Fun in Delhi 2

 I know, I know, you have been waiting for this day since last Monday. Too much work pressure, consistent yelling of your boss and the meeting deadlines at the last minute –your life’s finished. Isn’t it? No, I don’t think so. Sundays can never be uninteresting if you are a […]

Festival of Innovation in Pictures

 The week-long festival at Rashtrapati Bhavan provides a perfect platform where skilled Indians demonstrate their ingenuity and creativity. Here are some pictures that speak about the creative side of the natives.

Tuglaqabad – The Other Side of Delhi 1

 After my brother and sister-in-law’s departure from Delhi, we (Sunita & I) felt quite lonely until the news of my cousin’s arrival in Delhi. Though she is a distant cousin, it had nothing to do with my excitement of meeting her – at least, I was going to meet someone […]

Almost Trampled by Huge Crowd at Rath Yatra 20

 The title might sound little peculiar to you, but this is true that we almost got crushed by the huge, maddened crowd at Rath Yatra, Hauz Khas. Every year hordes of people pour into the area to be a part of the carnival. A Short Brief about Ratha Yatra: Rath […]

Replica of Taj Mahal in Delhi…Any Guesses? 3

 “Can I have the opportunity to marvel at the outstanding beauty of the Taj Mahal in this life”? Asked my wife, Sunita. To this my instant reply was “you don’t have to wait for your next life. We will visit the Taj Mahal today.” Of course, she was bit surprised. […]