Know Me

Hi everybody, my name is Satyaranjan Bai. Everybody calls me ‘Satya’. I’m in my mid 20s. I mostly travel around various famous as well as offbeat destinations with my wife, Sunita.

Where Did the Idea of Becoming a Travel Junkie Come from?

For the past six years, I have been working as a travel writer for a travel website. While I was on a tour to Mysore, Karnataka, I stumbled upon a couple from Scotland who has been on the go since 2003. Upon asked, they described how travelling from region to region, country to country and continent to continent has been so exciting.

What influenced me the most was the freedom that those guys had. There was no one under whom they had to work for. They were on their own – enjoying, exploring and discovering new places.

After the Mysore trip, I have never looked back. Did I quit the job? No, I didn’t. I chose not to quit, but travel more often whenever and wherever it is possible. I stay in Delhi and remain out of the city most of the time – traveling from the rugged landscape of Ladakh to the tranquility of Pentha Beach.

How Do I Make My Living?

May be, my parents are rich. No… This is not true.

I take up writing assignments from different companies and clients. I also work as a freelance travel writer for my travel company.

Traveling in India is not that expensive. Before embarking upon a journey, I check out the cheapest deals. I mostly travel by train and bus; this makes more enjoyable. Apart from that I save huge money on food. Wondering how? By concentrating on cheap street foods, of course. I’m working really hard to keep my travel addiction afloat.