Top 10 Odia Sweet Dishes for Every Occasion

Have you come across anyone saying “no” to sweets? Honestly, I haven’t seen any. Okay let’s say you have seen such people. Then let me tell you that he or she must be a diabetic. 🙂 😛

I am going to take you on a culinary trip in Odisha where you will only discover unique, delicious sweet dishes to tantalize your taste buds. Don’t believe me? Okay, then check out the following dishes. Try these out – I’m sure you are going to miss them next time you have them somewhere else.

Poda Pitha:

Photo Credit - Odisha News Insight
Poda Pitha. Credit – Odisha News Insight

I bet your taste buds are deprived of the delicious flavor of Poda Pitha unless you were invited to an Odia house. Why I’m saying so because only Odia families can do this magic. Poda Pitha is a unique sweet dish prepared during Raja Festival.

Ingredients used for Poda Pitha are rice, black gram, baking powder, ghee, cashew nuts, scraped coconut and     sugar or jiggery.

Manda Pitha:

Photo Credit - Youtube
Manda Pitha. Photo Credit – Youtube

Odias celebrate more festivals than there are days in a year. Yes, I’m not joking at all. You visit Odisha and be lucky to get an invitation for a lunch or dinner at an Odia residence. It will not be surprising to find a wide variety of dishes served in your plate. You never know you might get a chance to spoil your taste buds with Manda Pitha. It is prepared at each and everyone’s home during the festive seasons of Durga Puja, Gamha Purnima and Kumar Purnima.

Ingredients used for Manda Pitha are suji, scraped coconut, sugar, ghee, cardamom and salt (if required for better taste).

Chhena Poda:

Photo Credit - Odisha News Insight
Photo Credit – Odisha News Insight

To try this, you don’t have to wait for any festivals. The most popular and most loved Odia sweet dish is Chhena Poda. The cheese desert is widely available in restaurants.

Ingredients used for Chhena Poda are cheese, cardamom powder, semolina, milk, ghee, sugar, cashew nuts and raisins.

Kakara Pitha:

Kakara Pitha
Photo Credit – Odia Kitchen

You know how donuts taste? But you don’t know how scrumptious Kakara is. Don’t trust me? Then have it. Kakara or Kakara Pitha is a sweet deep-fried cake mainly offered to Lord Ganesh. Ladoo is another sweet item our much loved Elephant-faced God love.

Ingredients used for Kakara are semolina, cheese, scraped or shredded coconut, sugar, etc.

Kheer or Kheere:

Photo Credit – Very Good Recipes

I guess you have tried it already. However, do try it once when you visit east. Much attention is given to prepare rice kheer. It gives you the real taste when flavored with almonds, raisins, cashew nuts, saffron and cardamom. Kheer is literally for all occasions. It is served after a hearty meal. Besides that there is huge demand of Kheer before some important work. Have Kheer before starting a great work. It certainly falls in right place.

Ingredients used for Kheer are basmati rice, organic milk, green cardamom, golden raisins, kaju, saffron and sugar (according to taste).


rasgulla brown
Photo Credit – Wikipedia

Yes. I have had Rasagolas in places like Delhi and Bengaluru, but I was not very much impressed. Everyone knows Rasagola is a famous Bengali sweet dish. I admit. But I also admit that you get it better in Odisha. There’s been a battle between Odisha and West Bengal over rasagola invention. July 30th is celebrated as Rasagola Day or Rasagola Dibasa in the state. (“Rasagolas made in Odisha are softer and creamish than Bengali rasgullas” – as stated in Wikipedia).

Ingredients used for Rasagolas are milk, sugar, suji, cardamom powder, etc.


Kendrapara Rasabali
Photo Credit – Travellian

You have not probably heard this name. Famous sweet dish from my native place. Yes, I brag off it. Cheese is the main ingredient of Rasabali, which originated to be served as Bhog to Baladevjew Temple of Kendrapara.

Ingredients used for Rasabali are baking soda, cheese, saffron, maida, sugar and milk.


Photo Credit – Orissapds

Mainly prepared during Pausa Sankranti, Malpua is one of the mouthwatering sweet dishes served as snacks at many Odia homes. Malpua is a prominent food for the Almighty, Lord Jagannath, in the morning and evening.

Ingredients for Malpua are semolina, baking powder, maida flour, sugar (to make sugar syrup), fennel and ghee or oil.


Photo Credit – Veg Recipes of India

Rabdi or rabri is a delicious Indian sweet dish. This is a different thing that Rabri was not derived from Odisha, but you got to taste its flavor. Various spices, sugar, nuts, salt, zeera, etc. are added to give it the best flavor.

Ingredients used for Rabdi are milk, sugar, cardamom, cardamom powder, saffron strands, rose water, pistachios and almonds.

Ghee Pitha or Arisa Pitha:

Ghee Pitha
Photo Credit – Shibani Kitchen

Another Odisha special. As the name suggests, this particular unique sweet item is made up of pure ghee. Have a bite of Ghee Pitha and you are surely going to remember this for a long time. If I remember correct, I’ve mostly eaten this during marriage ceremonies. Ghee Pithas, otherwise known as Arisa Pitha, are prepared and sent to the groom’s house from the bride’s home as gift. Obviously, there are other items too.

Ingredients used for Ghee Pitha are ghee, flour, sugar or jiggery, salt and sugar syrup.

If you want to prepare them at home, you can do that. But I would rather ask you to try them first so that you know what they taste like. Next time you travel to Odisha, try them out at an Odia house.