Lifetime Holiday in Cefalu, Italy

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Situated on the northern coast of the Italian island of Sicily is the beautiful city of Cefalu. The city overlooks the vast Tyrrhenian Sea, a beautiful sandy beach that becomes quite crowded during holiday season and a cliff towering 912 ft. above the town offers spectacular view of the surrounding area. Cefalu is a modern city where historians traced the settlement of humans around 3,000 years ago.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Mandralisca Museum: A holiday to Cefalu is never complete without a visit to the famous Mandralisca Museum. It is the most striking attraction in the area, set amid the historic palatial near the Pizza Duomo. The museum grabs the attention of numerous visitors who have classic interests in ancient works. It houses a collection of diverse works from many worthies. Marvel at the stunning antiquities from the 5th century B.C. Attic vases, 130 stuffed birds and animals and an assortment of seashells are some of the many things to see in the museum. Portrait of an Unknown Man is one of the most important paintings of the 15th century by Antonello da Messina. You can make the most of the visit to this beautiful museum if you stay in comfortable Cefalu Apartments close to the same

Mandralisca Museum

Old Town: A lazy stroll through the old town will fetch you the sights of a number of gorgeous churches and palace-like buildings dating back to several centuries. The old town has narrow streets with magnificent sites of the marvellous structures. One of such brilliant structures is the Duomo, constructed in the 12th century Romanesque style. The structure is visited by hundreds of visitors both locals and foreigners alike. If you are excited about visiting this, you can catch hold of the 12th century Byzantine-Norman mosaics. The structure is surrounded by palms. The amazing view of the old town can be enjoyed if there are any festivals or events. Each festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. The most popular festivals are June’s Feast of Corpus Domini, Easter and August’s Carnevale.

Restaurants: Delighting in delicious and diverse gastronomy in Cefalu will certainly create many sweet memories of the Italian cuisines. The city has a wide range of excellent cuisines to pamper you. Ostaria del Duomo offers traditional Sicilian cuisine including a variety of seafood. Diners can amaze in the stunning views of the Piazza Duomo. Also visit the outstanding 16th century building Le Chat Noir, only steps away from the Piazza Duomo.

Restaurants in Cefalu

Accommodations: Leave no stone unturned while searching for the best lodging on the beach, in the busiest areas of the city and the most peaceful zones. Italy Apartments are the most sought after lodging options in the city assuring visitors to avail all modern amenities and features. Spacious living rooms, saunas, Jacuzzis, spas, private pools, cosy rooms, air conditioning, heating, fireplaces, parking, garages, private gardens, outdoor showers, outdoor barbeque areas and roomy terraces ensure you have an amazing stay in Cefalu.

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