Top 6 Beaches in Turkey

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Bask in the sun, soak in the Mediterranean waters and dine the best seafood at the quayside, beach holiday is beautiful and refreshing. One of the top rated beach destinations in Europe is Turkey. Set among the mountainous peninsulas, countryside villages, shingle bays and popular dining spots opening out to the shore, you have ample reasons why to plan a beach holiday in Turkey.

Here are the popular beaches that you might consider getting around during the tour to Turkey.

1. Lara Beach, Antalya: Lara Beach is located in the city of Antalya, on the Mediterranean coast of south-western Turkey. The beach is very popular destination with an array of restaurants and bars, turquoise waters and lovely golden sands. Those excited about taking a break from everyday busy life, this is definitely the best location to hit. Enjoy the sun, find your favourite activities – on or off the water – and get pampered with delicious ‘simit’, the common breakfast item in the country. It is circular bread with sesame seeds.

Lara Beach

Ideal for Easy Stroll!

2. Butterfly Valley: Magnificently nestled among the two soaring cliffs, Butterfly Valley is a v-shape pristine beach attracting a great number of tourists every year. The beach can be access by boat and by car. Adventurous trekkers would like to take the rocky path to reach the destination.

Butterfly Valley

Incredible Views!

3. Calis Beach: Though smaller beach compared to other Turkey beaches, Calis Beach offer outstanding views and stunning sunsets over the bay.

Calis Beach

4. Side East and West Beach: Side is a charming coastal resort on the Mediterranean. It is a multifaceted town with a plenty of things to see and do for the travellers. Activities have no end in here. The beaches of East and West surround the town, thus bringing a myriad of beach activities and water sports for all sorts of beach combers. Due to its shallow waters, the West beach is more popular than the East beach. Fishing, snorkelling, parasailing, windsurfing and diving are the main activities to do here.

Side East and West Beach

Crystal Clear Water, isn’t it?

5. Patara Beach: According to a recent survey made by Times Online, Patara Beach was voted amongst one of the most popular beaches in the world. The beach is immaculately beautiful and has mountains in the backdrop. The white sandy beach is of 12 kilometres long and is bordered by mimosa bushes, sand dunes and the vast marshy area. Travellers, particularly families, can have the best time at the national park (Patara Beach is part of a national park). See the loggerhead turtle, rich biodiversity and amazing range of birds, you have a number of things to do when you are off the beach.

Patara Beach

Relax here After Some Activities

6. Cleopatra Beach: Cleopatra Beach is quite secluded, thus alluring, mainly, the lovers. The beach is relatively small and is situated to the west of the peninsula. The calm and clear waters are enthralling for snorkelling and swimming. Water skiing and wind surfing are other sought after activities on the beach.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Cleopatra Beach

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