Explore the Diverse Peninsula of Peloponnese, Greece

Located in southern Greece, the Peloponnese is a large geographical region and peninsula famous for unique settlements, gorgeous beaches, forests, mountains, caves, archaeological sites and natural beauties. All these ingredients make the peninsula one of the biggest tourist hotspots in the entire Europe. This part of Greece enjoys dry climate almost all through the year.

Korinthos: Attracting huge numbers of tourists, Korinthos keeps visitors busy in a wide variety of eye-catching sightseeing, including magnificent archaeological sites, superb beach-side areas and stunning massifs. Moreover, this is the first place that visitors encounter from Attica. Visit around the area, explore the spectacular beaches and enjoy the facilities of the Saronic Gulf. The grape vines, the olive and pine trees nicely coexist with the sparkling sea.

Laconia: In the peninsula of the Peloponnese, Laconia occupies a significant position as far as grabbing the attention of visitors is concerned. The travel spot boasts awe-inspiring attractions including medieval Mystra at Monemvasia and outstanding attractions in Mani including cape Tainaros, Mt. Tavgetos and the Diro caves.

Achaia: Achaia is replete with everything one would intend to see and do in a holiday destination. One of the popular and biggest cities of the peninsula, Patras charms travellers with spectacular seaside landscapes and extraordinary mountains. To mention the most popular mountains, there are Erymanthos, Panachaiko and Helmos. Achaia is home to the most stunning sandy beaches and a plethora of historic sites. The region is also known for its seashore gate to Western Europe.

Arcadia: Located in the middle of the peninsula, Arcadia is a well-known tourist destination in Greece. The region has magnificent mountains such as Parnonas, Mainalo, etc. that are absolutely perfect for adventure sports. Mountain biking and trekking can be your favourite sports if you are not hitting the beaches of the Peloponnese. Myrto Sea and the Argolis gulf are the two popular places to come and see the breathtaking views of nature.

Ilia: Nestled in western part of the peninsula, Ilia is a poplar region with pristine sandy beaches, pine trees, beautiful towns and blue waters that keep visitors flowing from different nook and corners of the world. You will have a plenty of sun, sand and surf, which combine great atmosphere for a wonderful getaway. Travellers with kids are advised to get hold of the Peloponnese Villas. They are found close to the significant sites of Temple of Epicurean Apollo and Olympia Ilis.

Messinia: This is another region in the Peloponnese boasting forested mountains, sunken shores, fertile valleys, archaeological sites and the awesome sandy beaches. Nature lovers will find their favourite areas amidst the lovely natural beauties. Since Messinia boasts a host of things to see and do, it promises holidaymakers to have a wonderful time.

Kids can find the peninsula quite enthralling if you can arrange the best place to stay for them. The area is replete with outstanding range of Greece Villas that allow visitors to avail not only outdoor activities, but also indoor fun.