Puri, Konark & Chandrabhaga – Part 2

Day starts with an incredible sight of sunrise. It is believed that Chandrabhaga is the first point on earth where the sun spreads its magical rays. This was probably the reason we were at Chandrabhaga. It is just 3 kilometers from the Sun Temple.

Not so calm atmosphere, Chandrabhaga was already occupied with hundreds of us. After 15/20 minutes wait, a yellowish red ball of fire sprung up on the horizon of an unending sea. I’m short of words to describe the majestic beauty of the sun, turning up so elegantly, so mesmerizingly. It looked to be very happy and smiling saying everything would be great as long as I’m here to take care of you.

Absolute beauty

Rolled up my jeans, trod gently on the pristine sand hand-in-hand and let the cold water caress my feet, cleaning sand underneath my soles.

Mostly in dilapidated state, the 13th century Sun Temple is surely a work of marvel. The awe-inspiring architectural grandeur of the Sun Temple made me admire those wonderful artisans who created such a world class spectacle. The UNESCO World Heritage site looks like a giant chariot with sumptuously designed stone pillars, walls and wheels. Looking at the erotic images engraved on the structure one would agree that these are no less than the impressive sculptures of Khajuraho. What add more beauty to the structure are the rambling gardens. They are attractively scattered, giving ample space to individuals to relax and unwind and couples to rekindle romance.

Sun Temple

Lifetime Holiday in Cefalu, Italy

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Situated on the northern coast of the Italian island of Sicily is the beautiful city of Cefalu. The city overlooks the vast Tyrrhenian Sea, a beautiful sandy beach that becomes quite crowded during holiday season and a cliff towering 912 ft. above the town offers spectacular view of the surrounding area. Cefalu is a modern city where historians traced the settlement of humans around 3,000 years ago.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Mandralisca Museum: A holiday to Cefalu is never complete without a visit to the famous Mandralisca Museum. It is the most striking attraction in the area, set amid the historic palatial near the Pizza Duomo. The museum grabs the attention of numerous visitors who have classic interests in ancient works. It houses a collection of diverse works from many worthies. Marvel at the stunning antiquities from the 5th century B.C. Attic vases, 130 stuffed birds and animals and an assortment of seashells are some of the many things to see in the museum. Portrait of an Unknown Man is one of the most important paintings of the 15th century by Antonello da Messina. You can make the most of the visit to this beautiful museum if you stay in comfortable Cefalu Apartments close to the same

Mandralisca Museum

Old Town: A lazy stroll through the old town will fetch you the sights of a number of gorgeous churches and palace-like buildings dating back to several centuries. The old town has narrow streets with magnificent sites of the marvellous structures. One of such brilliant structures is the Duomo, constructed in the 12th century Romanesque style. The structure is visited by hundreds of visitors both locals and foreigners alike. If you are excited about visiting this, you can catch hold of the 12th century Byzantine-Norman mosaics. The structure is surrounded by palms. The amazing view of the old town can be enjoyed if there are any festivals or events. Each festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. The most popular festivals are June’s Feast of Corpus Domini, Easter and August’s Carnevale.

Restaurants: Delighting in delicious and diverse gastronomy in Cefalu will certainly create many sweet memories of the Italian cuisines. The city has a wide range of excellent cuisines to pamper you. Ostaria del Duomo offers traditional Sicilian cuisine including a variety of seafood. Diners can amaze in the stunning views of the Piazza Duomo. Also visit the outstanding 16th century building Le Chat Noir, only steps away from the Piazza Duomo.

Restaurants in Cefalu

Accommodations: Leave no stone unturned while searching for the best lodging on the beach, in the busiest areas of the city and the most peaceful zones. Italy Apartments are the most sought after lodging options in the city assuring visitors to avail all modern amenities and features. Spacious living rooms, saunas, Jacuzzis, spas, private pools, cosy rooms, air conditioning, heating, fireplaces, parking, garages, private gardens, outdoor showers, outdoor barbeque areas and roomy terraces ensure you have an amazing stay in Cefalu.

Italy Holiday Apartments

Wonders of Limassol, Cyprus

Are you obsessed with the Mediterranean climate? Would you like to indulge in authentic Cypriot way of life? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then you must plan a Limassol holiday. The tourist destination is adorned with everything that you want to explore in Cyprus. Irrespective of the age or the type of holiday you want, Limassol will bestow you the best with urban sophistication, history and a host of outdoor activities.

Striking Attractions in Limassol:

One of the largest and main tourist hotspots in Cyprus, Limassol delights holidaymakers with its Mediterranean warm climate, balmy winters and dry summers. Those who want to make the best time on the island, there could be no better place than Limassol. The city attracts individuals, couples, honeymooners, businessmen and families. Spreading miles along the beautiful coastlines with the spectacular Troodos Mountains in the backdrop, the town never dissatisfies the travellers. The town is otherwise known as the Island of Aphrodite.


There is no dearth of attraction in Limassol. To entice travellers, there are two wonderful water parks. One is Fasouri Watermania – the largest aquatic park on the island and the second water park is Wet ‘n’ Wild. Travellers with kids can come here and have maximum fun. You can visit the Limassol Public Garden to see elephants, tigers, monkeys, birds, deer and lions.


Limassol has wonderful sightseeing for the tourists. A major historic site in the town is the Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates. It is a dilapidated temple constructed to tribute the God of the Woodland. Another popular place to visit is the Lemesos Castle where you will have a chance to explore the Cyprus Medieval Museum and a 14th century fortress. It is located in the area of Old Town. Visiting Kourion, an ancient city, you will have the remains of Roman and Greek and many more things to come across.

Celebrated Beaches:

If you are an avid beach comber, then choose the Mediterranean beaches. The beaches of LImassol are the most celebrated. You will enjoy the warm no matter whether you are interested in taking a plunge or simply want to sit on the sands. One of the main beaches of the town is Dassoudi Beach. You will find restrooms, sun-loungers, changing rooms and for eating and shopping, taverns and shopping areas. Moreover, the beach has a wide assortment of water sports. They are really challenging. Pissouri Beach and Governor’s Beach are the other famous beaches to explore. For a quieter beach, Lady’s Mile Beach is probably the best place to go and see flamingos. It is quite undeveloped.

Activities & Tours:

While holidaying in Limassol, you have a host of activities under your belt, ranging from bowling, horseback riding, go-karting, clay pigeon shooting and golfing. Water sports lovers can partake in scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing, windsurfing, parasailing, jet skiing, water skiing, fishing, kayaking and swimming. The Troodos Mountains have got the Kykkos Monastery and Pitsilia where holidaymakers can make day tours, passing through picturesque countryside, delighting various authentic Cypriot cuisines and drinks. Cycling tours are also available.

Dining, Shopping & Nightlife:

The nightlife in Limassol is electrifying. There are nightclubs, restaurants, bars and discos to have fun. Have your favourite seafood or else go for taverns, cafes, bistros or other popular dining spots. For shopping, travellers have a wide variety of shops including trendy clothes, designer clothes, unique gift items, traditional stuff and handicraft stalls. Makarios Avenue is one of the most popular shopping areas in Limassol. The beach promenade is also a great shopping destination.

Top 6 Beaches in Turkey

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Bask in the sun, soak in the Mediterranean waters and dine the best seafood at the quayside, beach holiday is beautiful and refreshing. One of the top rated beach destinations in Europe is Turkey. Set among the mountainous peninsulas, countryside villages, shingle bays and popular dining spots opening out to the shore, you have ample reasons why to plan a beach holiday in Turkey.

Here are the popular beaches that you might consider getting around during the tour to Turkey.

1. Lara Beach, Antalya: Lara Beach is located in the city of Antalya, on the Mediterranean coast of south-western Turkey. The beach is very popular destination with an array of restaurants and bars, turquoise waters and lovely golden sands. Those excited about taking a break from everyday busy life, this is definitely the best location to hit. Enjoy the sun, find your favourite activities – on or off the water – and get pampered with delicious ‘simit’, the common breakfast item in the country. It is circular bread with sesame seeds.

Lara Beach

Ideal for Easy Stroll!

2. Butterfly Valley: Magnificently nestled among the two soaring cliffs, Butterfly Valley is a v-shape pristine beach attracting a great number of tourists every year. The beach can be access by boat and by car. Adventurous trekkers would like to take the rocky path to reach the destination.

Butterfly Valley

Incredible Views!

3. Calis Beach: Though smaller beach compared to other Turkey beaches, Calis Beach offer outstanding views and stunning sunsets over the bay.

Calis Beach

4. Side East and West Beach: Side is a charming coastal resort on the Mediterranean. It is a multifaceted town with a plenty of things to see and do for the travellers. Activities have no end in here. The beaches of East and West surround the town, thus bringing a myriad of beach activities and water sports for all sorts of beach combers. Due to its shallow waters, the West beach is more popular than the East beach. Fishing, snorkelling, parasailing, windsurfing and diving are the main activities to do here.

Side East and West Beach

Crystal Clear Water, isn’t it?

5. Patara Beach: According to a recent survey made by Times Online, Patara Beach was voted amongst one of the most popular beaches in the world. The beach is immaculately beautiful and has mountains in the backdrop. The white sandy beach is of 12 kilometres long and is bordered by mimosa bushes, sand dunes and the vast marshy area. Travellers, particularly families, can have the best time at the national park (Patara Beach is part of a national park). See the loggerhead turtle, rich biodiversity and amazing range of birds, you have a number of things to do when you are off the beach.

Patara Beach

Relax here After Some Activities

6. Cleopatra Beach: Cleopatra Beach is quite secluded, thus alluring, mainly, the lovers. The beach is relatively small and is situated to the west of the peninsula. The calm and clear waters are enthralling for snorkelling and swimming. Water skiing and wind surfing are other sought after activities on the beach.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Cleopatra Beach

Oceanfront Turkey Holiday Rentals are the most sought after lodging options to choose if you are seeking a beach holiday.

Turkey’s Leading Tourist Attractions

Turkey has the most impressive sites, beaches and other popular attractions luring visitors to enjoy the Mediterranean climate. If you have no idea where to go, what to see and what to do in Turkey, go through this blog and find some of its charming attractions.

Library of Celsus: Are you in the beautiful city of Ephesus? The city is decorated with many historic sites. The Library of Celsus was one of them. It was constructed in 125 AD and housed 12,000 scrolls. It served as a monumental tomb for the governor of Asia, Celsus. In the 1970s, the front of the library was rebuilt.

Library of Celsus

Aspendos Theatre: Built in 155 AD, the theatre in Aspendos is said to be one of the oldest theatres of antiquity. It had a seat up to 20,000 audiences. Though it is not in a great look today, you can find it very attractive due to the regular repaired and maintenance. It still retains the original charm.

Aspendos Theatre

Blue Mosque: To witness the impressive attraction of the Blue Mosque or the Sultan Ahmed, you have to plan a tour to the largest city in Turkey, Istanbul. The mosque is a prime attraction point in the city and is believed to be constructed between 1609 and 1616. It has six minarets and houses the tomb of the creator.

Blue Mosque

Patara Beach: Patara Beach is exclusively available for the beach lovers. The Mediterranean beach enjoys superb climate all through the year; perhaps, this is the reason behind the flow of visitors irrespective of the month or season. Apart from being one of the best locations for beach activities and water sports, the beach is also famous for Roman ruins and other ancient ruins. You will see the beautiful views of the endangered Loggerhead turtle. If you have some extra time, plan a visit to the birthplace of the 4th century Byzantine bishop, St. Nicholas.

Patara Beach

Bodrum Castle: Bodrum Castle is located in southwest Turkey and was built in the 15th century by the Crusaders as the Castle of St. Peter. History says the castle is one of the most sought after and the best preserved sites dating back to the medieval periods. Travellers come here to see this castle not as in the form of a castle, but a museum.

Bodrum Castle

Hagia Sophia: A church or cathedral, Hagia Sophia is situated in Istanbul and was initially built in the 6th century for the Eastern Roman Emperor Justinia I. With the passage of time, the church converted into a mosque. It was first plundered in 1204 by the 4th Crusaders and in the 15th century, it became a mosque as the Ottomans dominated the city. In 1935, it became a famous museum. Since then Hagia Sophia is a prime attraction in the country and has been enticing large number of visitors.

Hagia Sophia

Find out the best Turkey Holiday Rentals to stay close to these famous landmarks.

Explore the Diverse Peninsula of Peloponnese, Greece

Located in southern Greece, the Peloponnese is a large geographical region and peninsula famous for unique settlements, gorgeous beaches, forests, mountains, caves, archaeological sites and natural beauties. All these ingredients make the peninsula one of the biggest tourist hotspots in the entire Europe. This part of Greece enjoys dry climate almost all through the year.

Korinthos: Attracting huge numbers of tourists, Korinthos keeps visitors busy in a wide variety of eye-catching sightseeing, including magnificent archaeological sites, superb beach-side areas and stunning massifs. Moreover, this is the first place that visitors encounter from Attica. Visit around the area, explore the spectacular beaches and enjoy the facilities of the Saronic Gulf. The grape vines, the olive and pine trees nicely coexist with the sparkling sea.

Laconia: In the peninsula of the Peloponnese, Laconia occupies a significant position as far as grabbing the attention of visitors is concerned. The travel spot boasts awe-inspiring attractions including medieval Mystra at Monemvasia and outstanding attractions in Mani including cape Tainaros, Mt. Tavgetos and the Diro caves.

Achaia: Achaia is replete with everything one would intend to see and do in a holiday destination. One of the popular and biggest cities of the peninsula, Patras charms travellers with spectacular seaside landscapes and extraordinary mountains. To mention the most popular mountains, there are Erymanthos, Panachaiko and Helmos. Achaia is home to the most stunning sandy beaches and a plethora of historic sites. The region is also known for its seashore gate to Western Europe.

Arcadia: Located in the middle of the peninsula, Arcadia is a well-known tourist destination in Greece. The region has magnificent mountains such as Parnonas, Mainalo, etc. that are absolutely perfect for adventure sports. Mountain biking and trekking can be your favourite sports if you are not hitting the beaches of the Peloponnese. Myrto Sea and the Argolis gulf are the two popular places to come and see the breathtaking views of nature.

Ilia: Nestled in western part of the peninsula, Ilia is a poplar region with pristine sandy beaches, pine trees, beautiful towns and blue waters that keep visitors flowing from different nook and corners of the world. You will have a plenty of sun, sand and surf, which combine great atmosphere for a wonderful getaway. Travellers with kids are advised to get hold of the Peloponnese Villas. They are found close to the significant sites of Temple of Epicurean Apollo and Olympia Ilis.

Messinia: This is another region in the Peloponnese boasting forested mountains, sunken shores, fertile valleys, archaeological sites and the awesome sandy beaches. Nature lovers will find their favourite areas amidst the lovely natural beauties. Since Messinia boasts a host of things to see and do, it promises holidaymakers to have a wonderful time.

Kids can find the peninsula quite enthralling if you can arrange the best place to stay for them. The area is replete with outstanding range of Greece Villas that allow visitors to avail not only outdoor activities, but also indoor fun.

Top Mediterranean Beaches to Pick for Your Next Beach Tour

Beach holiday is always exciting. And if the beaches are of the Mediterranean Sea, there is no limitation to fun. That’s absolutely true. The Mediterranean Sea has got several eye-catching beaches in its names. For travellers looking for high class getaways within a limited budget, coming to these places will create many inerasable memories. Amongst the most popular beaches, here are a few for your consideration for beach holiday destination.

Ayia Napa, Cyprus: Cyprus’s one of the most enchanting beach destinations enjoying the Mediterranean mild climate all through the year is the Ayia Napa. The tourist resort flaunts pristine sandy white beaches, allowing both families and couples for a lifetime holiday. You can find the beaches most secluded as well as crowded. Known as beach partying capital, Ayia Napa witness innumerable college going students choose Ayia Napa beaches ahead of Mykonos, Rimini and Ibiza.

Ayia Napa

Thassos, Greece: Located to the northern part of the famous Aegean Sea, Thasso, otherwise known as Thasos, is a renowned Greece island with a very good flow of the beach combers. The island is a favourite destination for many European countries. Apart from European travellers, the island also attracts many American visitors. It is a top secrete for them. Are you looking to get surrounded by rocky beaches and pine forests, heading to this part of Greece, an off beaten track, should be your aim.


Taormina, Italy: Taormina, located on the east coast of the island of Sicily, is a small coastal town with plenty of coastlines and blue waters for the visitors both locals and foreigners alike. Beach lovers come here to shed worries and stresses and enjoy some quality time with friends and families. The warm waters, white sandy beaches and exclusive range of water sports make the town one of the popular picks in Italy. Mount Etna is a must visit attraction situated in the vicinity of the town. It has the largest active volcano in Europe. It has been noticed that people from different countries have been coming since various centuries.


Hvar: Nestled about 5 km off the coast of Dalmatian in the Adriatic Sea, Hvar is a popular island in Croatia. With abundant lavender fields and aquamarine seas, Hvar is a favourite destination for not only the wealthy and fashionable travellers, but the most budgeted ones. You get to find unbelievable things including popular water sports if you are that adventurer.


Nissos Chrissi Beach, Greece: The beach is found on the small island Nissos Chrissi in Crete. The Nissos Chrissi Beach is an ideal destination for snorkelers. Apart from snorkelling, the beach fascinates visitors who are looking for a relaxing tour. Most of the areas on the island remain calm and tranquil, thus allowing couples to some and spend some time in the tranquillity of nature.

Nissos Chrissi Beach