Tuglaqabad – The Other Side of Delhi

After my brother and sister-in-law’s departure from Delhi, we (Sunita & I) felt quite lonely until the news of my cousin’s arrival in Delhi. Though she is a distant cousin, it had nothing to do with my excitement of meeting her – at least, I was going to meet someone I know dearly.

Last Sunday morning, I received a call from her asking me to meet her. After a light breakfast, Sunita & I headed to Tuglakabad, gali no. 4. We boarded the metro train at Vaishali, changed twice (first at Rajiv Chowk & second at Central Secretariat) and reached Tuglakabad Metro Station after 1.10 hours.

She is new to Delhi, so she couldn’t provide me the best information about the route. This made me hire an auto-rickshaw that charged me Rs 150/-. I asked the auto driver to take the short-cut route, but went in vain – probably, there was no short-cut available.

Compared to other parts of Delhi, I found this area pretty underdeveloped. The roads are not great, quite narrow. No big buildings on both sides and the area looked unusual to me. But, this place can be of historical importance that I was unaware of. As we were up to the Mehrauli-Badarpur Road, we crossed the majestic fort of Tuglaqabad Fort. Otherwise known as Adilabad Fort, Tuglaqabad Fort was modest in size with protective gigantic fortification on its boundary. From outside, it looked so charming. Lies on both sides of the road, the fort has a plenty of things to offer.

The sight of Monkey Park from the auto was very impressive. We further passed Air Force Station and Jamia Hamdard University before we reached Sangam Vihar. From there we had to take another auto that would go through the narrow streets and busy and stinky market. I wonder how the drivers manage to ride their vehicles. At times, I felt as if the auto was about to hit the walking commuters. Well, the worst scene had not come until we were at gali no. 4. I missed taking the pictures. I doubted if it was Delhi. I paid the auto driver and asked him to leave before I reach their house. I called up my cousin from a few yards from her stay. Her father-in-law guided us to their house and gave us a warm welcome.