Top 10 Monsoon Destinations in India that You Should Not Miss

It was drizzling outside. I was peeping through the window, enjoying the rain and looking at people in haste, probably they were returning to home when one of my friends called me up, breaking the long silence, explaining how terrible experiences he had on his last trip. When I asked him to elaborate things, he was in a ‘no’ mood to share his experience. You know why? The reason is he chose a wrong destination; for him, he will love to erase this memory from his mind. And his advice for me not to visit any places during monsoon was obvious.

Well, I don’t believe so. Traveling in monsoon can be as exciting as in other seasons. Monsoon in India preserves the best of treasures for travelers of all ages. The cost of traveling during this period is pretty low. Below are mentioned the leading destinations that you grab your attention this monsoon. Travel to India and get soaked in the rain, explore the charm of verdant forests and let the cool breeze caress your soft cheeks.

1. Uttarakhand: Foggy clouds, lush green hills, outstanding natural colors and many more – Uttarakhand turns into paradise when monsoon with its all forms touched this beautiful state. Uttaranchal lies in the Himalayan region; thus becoming a major tourist hotspot for both foreigners and locals alike. The Valley of Flowers is the striking attraction in the state. The beautiful national park is majestically nestled in Western Himalaya.

An Ultimate Visual Treat of the Valley of Flowers

2. Ladakh: Surrounded by two gigantic mountains on either side, amid the massive greenery is the stunning high altitude of Ladakh. The desert is easily accessible by road during monsoon. The melting snow allows travelers throng to this dazzling vacation destination. It is mostly dotted with vibrant Buddhist monasteries.

Picturesque Ladakh

3. Western Ghats: What allures me the most about the Western Ghats is its spectacular, gushing waterfalls. You can’t have another scenic beauty like this. Jog Falls in Karnataka is the most popular waterfall in the Western Ghats. Also, pay a visit to the monsoon beauty of Nilgiri Hills. Spend some nights at one of the verdant hill stations and explore the gorgeous locales, you will surely cherish the experience rest of your life. The surrounding is excellent for honeymooners.

Western Ghat
Cloudy, yet Alluring

4. Munnar: If you are in Kerala for an ayurvedic treatment, extend the trip for a day or two to exploit the pleasant weather and silvery mist surrounding. The dark roads are outstanding if you take a ride through the rain.

Through the Dark Road

5. Goa: How can I miss this amazing party destination of India? Goa flaunts numerous pristine beaches surrounded by extensive palm trees, restaurants and bars. Known as the Lisbon of East, Goa draws millions of crowds annually who love to plunge into adventure water sports and electrifying nightlife. Make sure the condition is great for water sports. Stay at luxury hotels at throw away prices and get around the area marveling at the architectural buildings, distinguished churches, cathedrals and many UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Tranquil Beach Atmopshere

6. Coorg: Take a break from the metro city of Bangalore and head to Coorg to take a nap in the lap of nature. This monsoon destination is at its best with rumbling sounds of waterfalls, colorful valley, verdant green landscapes, cascading rivers and soft mist – Coorg will leave an inerasable impression.

I Can Hear the Rumbling Sound,Can You?

7. Udaipur: I should not miss Udaipur from my list as one of the most sought after monsoon destinations in India. Udaipur is very romantic with a plenty of natural scenery that will take your breath away. Like Goa is referred as Lisbon of East, Udaipur is known as the Venice of East. The beautiful city comes to live during monsoon when you come across the outstanding Taj Lake Palace set in Lake Pichola. How about enjoying a romantic candlelit dinner with your spouse, while starlit sky is an addition to the romance.

Mesmerizing Sunset

8. Alappuzha: Otherwise recognized as Alleppey, Alappuzha fetches the most tranquil backwater rides this season. This is a must visit place if you enjoy heavy downpour. Take out your camera and capture the soggy surroundings, foggy walkways, wet trees and drenched soil. Feel the mystic aroma of Alappuzha.


9. Lonavala: Touch the floating clouds, steamy atmosphere and cool weather, Lonavala should be your next stop if you are near Pune or Mumbai. Lonavala is famous for being a spectacular hill station where you will have a plethora of adventure activities. Come out of your hotel room and start getting soaked in the lovely scenery and go for nature walks, hiking, bungee jumping and many more. Also, visit the sunrise and sunset points, waterfalls, impressive medieval forts, caves and lakes.

Don’t Miss this!

10. Shoja: I’m sure that not many of you have heard the name of Shoja. Lies 5 kilometers from Jalori Pass and 69 kilometers from Kullu, Shoja is yet to be discovered. This is the best place to chase the monsoon blues away. Take a walk on the green meadows, densely forested mountainside, emerald greenery and snow-capped Himalayan ranges and stay rejuvenated.

Snow, Snow & Snow…Everywhere

Do you find your next monsoon destination in India? If you do, read out the travel tips during monsoon here.