Four Leading Historic Sites to Visit during a Famagusta Holiday

Though renowned as a major destination for nature lovers, Famagusta charms history buffs up to a great extent. The historic sites not only allow them explore the region in deep, but also let the visitors know history better than ever. Here are the top four historical places that you might include while heading to this beautiful city.

1. St. Barnabas Monastery: One of the striking attractions in the city of Famagusta is St. Barnabas Monastery. The monastery is located right opposite of the Famagusta-Salamis route; quite closer to Royal Tombs. The monastery was built in the 5th century to commemorate the saint, Christ Baranabas. It is really astounding to witness the medieval art and stunning architecture.

St. Barnabas Monastery

2. Royal Palace: The Royal Palace was built in the 13th century by the Lusignans, thus known as Palace of the Lusignans. The palace was destroyed by an earthquake, which leads it to lose its original structure. It is pretty close to Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, earlier known as the St. Nicholas Cathedral. Though there is nothing significant left to see in this site, tourists construe the massiveness of the palace by looking at the remains. To get the best exposure of the site, stay in nearby Cyprus Villas.

Palace of the Lusignans
Palace of the Lusignans

3. Othello Tower: After spending an afternoon at the Royal Palace, you can move to the next site. It is the Othello Tower. Also known as Citadel Tower, the fortress protects the city from outside force. Have a glance at this majestic fortress to adore its stunning structure. It will be a learning experience for both kids as well as adults to unfold various things. The structure of the tower is so compelling that you can’t stop yourself from adoring the majestic beauty. Have an aerial view which will give you some idea about the shell. Tourists will find old cannons in the courtyard of the castle.

Othello Tower

4. St. George Church: Since you are in the walled city, it is obvious to come across a number of sites including a famous church, St. George Church. The church entertains everyone who has interests in visiting this religious site. It is believed that the church was built in regard to the opposition of St. Nicholas Church. It is nestled very close to the former one. Once known to be a spectacular place to visit, only remains are left behind now. You can imagine the astounding beauty of the church by looking at the ruins. You still can find eye-catching paintings on the walls.

St. George Church

Spend as much time as you want at these places and extract more and more information before you return to your country. If visiting top historical spots is not your cup of tea, you can have the best time at the pristine sandy beaches and at the finest dining and shopping spots. Famagusta Villas are the most sought after accommodation choices in the area if you are looking for comfort and luxury at the affordable rates.


Top 10 Destinations to Visit in the World Before You Die

What if you die before you explore the world? Our planet has got a plethora of destinations to be explored. The following top ten destinations are a must before you turn to ashes.

1. Vatican City: Vatican City, the holy city located in Italy, is famous for its holy streets that touch the human spirit. The specialty of this city is that it entertains everyone irrespective of their religion (even if they don’t have one). It lets you witness the beauty, the power of human faith and the diving feeling. Make a visit to the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica.

Vatican City

2. Venice: Another Italian city to visit is Venice. Venice keeps the visitors busy in exploring vibrant Italian culture, the magnificent history and irrefutable romance. You must experience the charm of Venice if you are in Italy.


3. Petra: If you believe in exploiting history and other archaeological stuff, this is certainly the place to visit. Petra is famous for its ancient architecture. Its vast red mountains are simply breathtaking.

Red Mountains in Petra
Red Mountains in Petra

4. Paris: You have not enjoyed anything if you have not walked through the streets of Paris. A simple stroll will give you ample experience of life, history and beauty. Apart from that the city is home to some of the most fascinating landmarks in the world. The Eiffel Tower is the prime attraction in the city.


5. Niagara Falls: Niagara Falls in New York attracts millions of tourists every year. With thrilling attractions, hiking trails, interactive exhibits, delicious dining options and sparking scenery, Niagara Falls State Park keeps travelers coming closer to the falls. If you are on the other side of the falls (the Canadian side), you get to see an amazing rainbow.

Niagara Falls

6. Zion National Park: The outstanding scenery of Zion National Park in Utah will definitely take your breath away. See the exotic wildlife, incredible history and the southwestern desert – all these implausible things will leave you breathless.

Zion National Park

7. Fairy Pools: Are you stressed out? You must visit the Fair Pools located on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.

Fairy Pools

8. Chichen Itza: Replete with overwhelming archaeological sites and fascinating mystery, Chichen Itza lures travelers to come and watch the original Mayan city. If you love sandy Mexican beaches, you are only a few minutes away.

Chichen Itza

9. Tuscany: Everybody knows Tuscany is one of the most popular regions in Italy rich with Italian culture and superb sumptuous experience. It is further blessed with magnificent beaches where you will have a wide gamut of water sports ranging from snorkeling to scuba diving.

Tuscany Scuba diving

10. Southern Germany: It’s Southern Germany – your dream place. This part of the world entertains anyone and everyone, giving them a chance to have a perfect and happy ending. The majestic Neuschwanstein Castle and the soaring hills of Bavaria are undoubtedly awe-inspiring.

Neuschwanstein Castle
Neuschwanstein Castle

Five Reasons to Holiday in London

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Are you someone who loves to travel overseas? How about selecting London this time? If you are not sure about selecting London as your top travel destination, you need to go through the blog to find out why.

1. London – A Destination for All Age Groups: Whether you are looking for some overseas destinations to chill out or you are a retiree who seeks a quiet place to enjoy the retirement, London is definitely the place to reach out.

London Retirement

2. Fascinating Attractions: Truly speaking, London is the place to come and see incredible landmarks that exist on this planet. The capital city of England, London is home to the most popular and most remarkable attractions such as Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Tower Bridge. Each attraction tells something and, at the same time, encourages visitors to see more and more. There are, indeed, hundreds of note-worthy attractions scattered throughout the city to amaze even the most discriminating travellers. Since there are different age groups, their interests would surely vary from each other. For families, the London Aquarium, the Imperial War Museum and Royal Parks including Green Park, Hyde Park and Regent’s Park can be recommended. The London Dudgeon has things to make you thrilled. The nightlife turns electrifying with a visit to the popular pubs.

London Eye

London Eye

3. Outdoor Activities: You and your family would be indulged in a wide variety of activities ranging from shopping to dining, sightseeing to riding. London has seen mass shopping over the years. Women love to shop and the shopping areas in this charming city expand in miles. Find unique things within your budget or dine at the famous place to mark the evening. For sightseeing, guided tours are recommended. Hyde Park is a must visit destination to relax in the afternoon.Review Android Smartphone

Hyde Park

Hyde Park

4. The City Entertains All Types of Travel: As far as holiday types are concerned, this is the best place to travel irrespective of the types of travel. London entertains all types of holidaymakers for romantic getaways, solo escapes, family getaways, anniversaries, business trips, honeymoons and for couples. You will find the desired destination according to the type of getaway you want.

Family Getaways London

Family Getaways London!

5. Affordability: All overseas travels are not expensive, especially when it comes to choosing London. Apart from the flight cost, the accommodation is pretty low. You can stay in a homely environment at low costs. London Holiday Rentals are now available on shoestring budget. They provide the best comfort and luxury that you need not go for high end hotels. To get the best place to stay at affordable rates, you need to book holiday apartments in advance. This will make sure you not only avail the best accommodation, but also find the best locations. However, the city has numerous five-star luxury hotels to choose from.

London Villa

Want to Spend a Night at Luxury London Villa?

London is such a wonderful travel destination that won’t let the holidaymakers regret. Make a list of your itinerary so that it will be easy for you to get around the exact attractions and landmarks.

Include Attractions in Your Itinerary While Travelling to Leicestershire

Among the top tourist hotspots in England in the 20th century, Leicestershire occupies one of the top positions. It is located about 100 miles north of the capital city of London. The area is home to numerous historical places due to the occupancy of the Roman Empire. Today, Leicestershire appeals many. The attractions, historic sites and other fascinating points of interests have been quite attention grabbing. The region is a vibrant one with population comprises Caribbean, Indian and other countries.

Belvoir Castle: One of the prime attractions in Leicestershire is Belvoir Castle. Going through the pages of history, you will find the castle home to the Dukes of Rutland for several hundred years. The new castle has recently been built in the 19th century after it was destroyed either in wars or by fire. The attraction has stunning gardens open to people. It has several rooms that display an array of masterpieces of paintings, historical objects, textiles and sculptures. It is just 30 miles northeast of Leicestershire.

Belvoir Castle

Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre: It came to limelight when the battle broke out in the 15th century. Today, the site hosts a number of exhibits telling the events of the by-gone era. Travellers can come to this historical place and see numerous exhibitions. The heritage centre is open every day from February to December.

Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre

National Space Centre: A must visit attraction for all budding scientists, National Space Centre is the largest museum in the United Kingdom. The centre is completely dedicated to space exploration and astronomy. Those who come here, at least for once in lifetime, will see a wide gamut of interactive exhibits, various replicas of solar system, educational events and models of aircrafts. Guest speakers and the museum staff take responsibility to carry out the educational events. Do you know Leicestershire houses the biggest planetarium in the entire U.K.? The Space Theatre is the largest planetarium that hosts a variety of program on regular basis. It is situated to the northern part of the area.

National Space Centre

Jewry Wall Museum: Visiting this beautiful museum indicates that there were Romans in Leicester. The museum is around 20 ft. High and is considered as the tallest Roman ruin that survives till today in England. Moreover, there are remains of Roman public baths scattered throughout in the area. You can even have glances at the historical and archaeological sites of prehistoric times. There is free admission to the museum. You can visit the Jewry Wall Museum any day of the week.

Jewry Wall Museum

Lazy Winter Travel to Malta

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Recognised as a sun, sand and surf destination, Malta draws innumerable visitors and flocks of students almost all through the year. Known as a major summer destination, the island of Malta charms tourists during winter. Winter months are mild; however, they provide ample fun activities to partake in. Most of Maltese islands are calmer, quieter and enthralling. If you are all set to embark on a Malta trip to explore its vast culture, this is the right time. Make a lazy winter travel to this island and see what it has preserved for you and your family.

Malta Attractions:

The must visit places here are Rabat, Valletta and Mdina. Just walk around these areas to marvel at the gorgeous historic buildings and other distinct features of each locality. Valletta is the capital city of Malta. It is certainly a bustling city plenty of life and activities. The top attractions in here are the Grandmaster’s Palace, the Fine Arts Museum, the National Museum of Archaeology, Auberge de Castille and Malta’s National Theatre. The capital city is built by the Knights of St. John.

Auberge de Castille

Auberge de Castille

Mdina was the old capital city of Malta. It is otherwise recognised as the ‘silent city’. Taking a lazy walk around the city will take through the historic buildings, restaurants, cafes and spectacular landscapes. Adore the stunning bastions constructed by the Knights to defend the cities of Valletta and Mdina during the siege. The bastions retain its original glory till today.

If you are interested in seeing archaeological sites of Malta, probably Rabat is the best place to go. It is located just outside of Mdina, and you can reach the Domus Roman within five minutes of walk from entrance gate of Mdina. The heart of the city is home to largest group of catacombs. They are popularly known as St Paul’s Catacombs.

Historical Places:Review Android Smartphone

The winter in Malta is not too chilly, thus alluring travellers who love to walk through various countryside and old villages to witness spectacular monuments. History buffs can get around the most impressive and oldest structures of the area. The prehistoric temples are Mnajdra and Hagar Qim Temples in Qrendi, Ggantija Temples in Gozo and Tarxien Temple in Tarxien. Some of the temples are even regarded older than the Egyptian pyramids.

Ggantija Temples in Gozo

Ggantija Temples in Gozo

Dine & Wine:

Malta’s world class restaurants make sure your craving for sumptuous food is satisfied. The top class restaurants and cafes offer a wide range of cuisines from European to Oriental. Since you are in winter, it is obvious to hit the nearest bars to taste the sweetest wine of the area. The bars are set in the wine cellars and old buildings, thus offering warm, cosy and welcoming atmosphere to enjoy the wine.

Dine & Wine

Dine & Wine

My Top 7 Tourist Destinations to Visit in this fall

Winter is here. And it is time to come up with an idea of vacationing in a far land. Winter brings a plethora of outdoor activities from skiing on the high mountain ranges of Aspen to the sun-soaked shores Florida. Below, I have illustrated the top destinations to travel with family in this fall.

1. Florida Keys: Florida Keys comprises a chain of islands and has preserved an alluring laid back culture of the travelers. With Duval Street, a popular downtown commercial zoned street, retaining the heartbeat in Key West, it is really tough to get wrapped up on this dazzling island. Watch unique sights of seven-toed cats in Ernest Hemingway if you are not doing anything remarkable.

Duval Street
Duval Street

2. Florida’s Gulf Coast: Gulf Coast of Florida entertains visitors irrespective of their size and age. The mesmerizing beauty, awe-inspiring beaches, the glittering waters and an array of water sports including surfing keep vacationers engaging all through the stay. Shopping and dining are the other things that no one can deny. Sun bathing and hiking make this hot spot a fabulous one among nature lovers.

Florida's Gulf Coast

3. Paris: Get yourself going in the magnanimous capital city of Paris. It is the cultural, educational and financial hub in the country boating tempting activities to keep tourists coming from various countries. During fall, the city turns more beautiful with vibrant nightlife. With a stroll along the Seine River and sophisticated and delicious feast, Paris keeps things on high.

The Eiffel Tower

4. Aspen: Aspen in Colorado is one of the most sought ski destinations alluring thousands of tourists every year. As the winter is approaching, Aspen sees many ski resorts already offering best ski equipment and chair lifts. It is quaint ski town catering to skiers amazing ski trails, thus becoming one of the top-notch ski destinations in the world.

Ski in Aspen
Ski in Aspen

5. Gatlinburg: For adventurous tourists, Pigeon Forge and the majestic Smoky Mountains have preserved the best things to do.

Smoky Mountains

6. Outer Banks: With wild feral ponies, sleepy towns and gamut of light houses, Outer Banks in North Carolina are an outstanding family vacation. They are an amazing range of barrier islands with numerous fun things to attract visitors. Travelers looking for extensive scuba diving and snorkeling should not go beyond Outer Banks. Cape Hatteras is the spot for adventurers.

Outer Banks

7. Kauai: If you are to visit any Hawaiian island, consider Kauai. The island is certainly the top pick as it enthralls vacationers with diverse, lush tropical beauty, dense green rainforest and lovely sandy beaches. Never miss its sumptuous seafood that is offered in most of the oceanfront restaurants. The nightlife is another way to mark vacations with friends and families in Kauai, Hawaii.


Worth-watching Exhibitions and Festivals in Malta

Malta has always fascinated me with its rich natural beauty, historical places, amazing beaches and a wide range of delicious gastronomy. But, there is another aspect that the island has charmed me – it’s the intriguing exhibitions and shows. Though it has not the largest fairs and shows in the world, the island is able to attract huge number of travellers from all around the world. Below, I have furnished a few interesting exhibitions that occur every year on the island of Malta.

Air Malta International Travel Exhibition (AMITEX): This popular exhibition is held in Naxxar on the Trade Fair grounds that attracts around 25,000 visitors from different corners of the world. The fair showcases displays related to the travel industry from both local and international companies. Tourists get to learn many things including the best travel products that are on display in the area. If you are, any chance, working in the travel field, this fair is definitely an amazing platform to get connected with different countries.

Air Malta International Travel Exhibition

Lejlet Lapsi – Notte Gozitana: If you happen to be in the city of Gozo, you must witness the annual event of Lejlet Lapsi Notte Gozitana. The event celebrates the culture and energy of youth in Malta. Firework displays, street processions and festivals – this is a great way to get around and know more about Gozo. Moreover, the city mesmerises vacationers with rich and colourful history.

Lejlet Lapsi - Notte Gozitana

Malta Car Show: You can’t deny liking a car show if you are a real car lover. Malta should be the place when it comes to watch a good car show. Perhaps, this is the reason or an excuse to visit the country. Watch the car show here and compare the ones that you have seen at other places. Malta Car Show is definitely better than others.

Annual Sports Exhibition: This particular sports exhibition at the Gozo Sports Complex is the reason why thousands of kids and school teachers make their way to Gozo, Malta. The annual sports event allure visitors and make them participate in various mainstream, gymnastics, karate and sports. Children will learn sportsmanship and disciplines. They will further know the importance of exercise, thus improving skills in various fields.

Annual Sports Exhibition Malta

Valletta Photography Festival: The main motive of this popular festival is to spread and improve awareness Malta’s contemporary photography. The festival showcases incredible works of photography that create curiosity among international visitors to appreciate the high quality of the works.

Valletta Photography Festival

Importance of GPS While On the Go


Gone are the days when travelers had to carry dozens of paper maps to locate various spots, places and popular destinations of a country. Even I recollect those days when travelling, though exciting, was pretty hectic and tiring. The paper maps once unfolded would never allow you to fold them back again. With the passage of time, travelers can now get hold of the latest gadget that has GPS application to help find locations and other major points of interests.

A GPS or Global Positioning System receiver is in tremendous vogue in the travel industry. Visitors use the application to get guided to the desired destination without getting deviated. It is important to use the application properly if you don’t want to get lost. For hikers and mountaineers, an altimeter seems an important pick.

What is GPS & How it Works?

The GPS is a satellite-based navigation system built of a set of 24 satellite positioned into the orbit. The GPS receivers take information sent by GPS satellites that circle earth twice a day, thus send signal information. The information is extremely accurate. So, travelers enjoy a lot of advantages while they are on the go or on the long road trips.

Advantages of GPS:

Using the GPS navigation system is not that difficult. Even if you are the first time user, you can use this application by following the guidelines and instructions. If you are travelling in the United States, you will get the benefits of using GPS. The GPS units are preloaded with maps that help you find anything and everything. While using, it is important to update the same regularly through its official software. Update your GPS map to avail latest information about ramps, restaurants, dead ends, bridges and exits.

If you are someone who loves to go on road trips, make sure your car has GPS navigation system with voice recognition. This helps you focus on the road more effectively. There are devices that also get you weather forecasts. Even if your car needs repairing, using GPS navigation can come handy in finding local service companies.

GPS is a great tool for travelers touring alone or in groups. Those who are heading to the Rocky Mountains definitely need a great preparation. Otherwise known as the Rockies, the Rocky Mountains are a mountain region in North America stretching over 3,000 miles. The great mountain ranges offer extensive hiking trails that will certainly give a lifetime experience to adventure enthusiasts. Presently, much of the area of the mountain ranges is protected by forest lands and public parks. It is a major travel hotspot, especially for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, camping, mountain biking, hunting and mountaineering.

Holidays in Northern England

The eye pleasing natural beauty, awe-inspiring attractions, towering skyscrapers, delicious cuisines and lavish accommodations are the key ingredients that keep travellers all over the world flowing to the land of England. Go to any part of the English land, you are bound to get surprised with something or the other. It has got strong agricultural and industrial past as well. Northern England is a popular region with a myriad of fascinating attractions and thrilling activities that would suit even the most indiscriminate holidaymakers. If you are to plan a trip, the following points will help you out making the trip a lifetime memory.

Main Attractions: This particular region has got a number of awe-striking attractions under its belt. The prime attractions in Northern England are the Lake District, the Peak District and Hadrian’s Wall, which have been there for many years attracting travellers who are passionate about history and archaeology. The Lake District is a picturesque area where the famous nature poet William Wordsworth lived in. It is said that Wordsworth used to sit on the banks of the lakes and penned many popular works.

Lake District
Picturesque Lake District

How to Get in & around Northern England? After London, Manchester is home to the largest airport in the country. Numerous direct flights from different countries connect to its international airport of Manchester. Moreover, the city is a centre of major motorways such as the M62 that connects Manchester with Leeds to the east and Liverpool to the west and M6 that links London to Scotland. The city has further an amazing railway network that connects to the other parts of the country. The prominent ferry port in the area is Liverpool. It has well connectivity with Dublin. You can come by the water root as well. The options are, in fact, many.

Climate: Whether a trip will be an amazing memory or a nightmare that depends largely on the climate. If the climate of the particular destination is not great, you might end up with a dreadful holiday. But, you are lucky. This part of England enjoys relatively mild weather. While the summers are really pleasant, the winters might turn a bit cold with snow. Spring is regarded as the ideal time to plan a trip in Northern England to witness an overwhelming crowd and numerous attractions. November is the off season.

Swim with Dolphins at Florida’s Amazing Zoos

Florida is not all about Disney and exotic beaches. There are a myriad of things to explore in recreated natural environments. If you are on a family trip, the Sunshine State will keep you busy with the gigantic dolphins. The state has a number of marine parks open all year round. While kids will be busy with dolphins, you may prefer to hit the sideshows and rides.

• Gulf World Marine Park: You have done many exciting and unusual things. And you can do something more exciting and unique at Gulf World Marine Park. Swim with dolphins is what you can do here if you want to try your hands at this. The marine park has a myriad of things for you including alligators, iguanas, penguins, tropical birds, sharks and sea turtles. Also, delight in the live animal performances including parrot shows, sea lion and dolphin. The marina park is situated at Panama City Beach.

Gulf World Marine Park

• Miami Seaquarium: Located in Key Biscayne, Miami Seaquarium is a 38-acre marine park attracting families and friends for fun. It is fun for adults; it is an educational trip for kids along with fun. Exhibiting the marine life, the park showcases sea lions, manatees, killer whales and fish. Dolphins are the eye-catcher for all genres. Miami Seaquarium is also a spot for bird watchers. You can even spot Nile crocodiles. Be a part of educational shows and presentations along with some dolphin interaction programs.

Miami Seaquarium

• SeaWorld: Another zoo to spot dolphins is SeaWorld. It is located in Orlando and exhibits things that seem to have no end. Themed zones include Turtle Point, Pacific Point, Shark Encounter and Penguin Encounter are on display for your recreation. You have got to see noisy sea lions, tropical birds, shire horses and polar bears. Moreover, you can enjoy other features of the park such as animal interactions, education programs and behind the scenes tours. It is time to do some action. SeaWorld is also home to numerous thrilling rides that include Manta and Kraken. For voracious eaters, the park has a number of dining spots. There is a Sky Tower, which provides marvelous views of the whole zoo.


• Theater of the Sea: This is a must visit zoo for not just to see the dolphins, but to enjoy the fantastic surrounding. Located at Isla Morada, Florida Keys, Theater of the Sea is an eye-catching point of attraction with fabulous displays of bottlenose dolphins, stingrays, California sea lions, tropical fish and huge aquariums. Apart from watching the gorgeous views, you can ask your family to indulge in their favorite activities. Snorkeling, swimming dolphins, wading and the likes are real fun. To get into the park, there is advance booking needed. If you have camera, capture the stunning views of sea lions in the seawater lagoons.

Theater of the Sea